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Established in 2010, the Australian Girls in Gi community is a nationwide group of likeminded women within the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The community offers women a platform in which to seek advice, mentoring, guidance, friendship and support from other women within their sport.
Our events allow for the opportunity to train exclusively with women as well as learn from female leaders and experts within our sport. 

The Australian Girls in Gi organisation offers affiliate neutral events, competitions, camps and open mats where women can come together to train within a female-centric environment while remaining a loyal participant of their own individual teams and affiliations.

Australian Girls in Gi focuses on the retention of female participation in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by offering:

  • Online (moderated and screened) peer support forum with 2300+ active members

  • Camps

  • Seminars

  • Competitions

  • Open Mats

  • Apparel & training gear designed for women, by women

  • Access to female role models, leaders, themes & inspiration

  • Female centric content and advice

  • Peer support

  • Networking with experienced female grapplers

  • Free Membership & involvement, nationally


To create, inspire, encourage and support equality within the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Australian Girls in Gi; Empowering and enabling female athletes by providing peer support, sharing advice and guidance; creating opportunities, celebrating achievements, fostering leadership, technique, growth and development by providing a culture of inclusion, priority and respect since 2010.


Australian Girls in Gi strives for equal opportunity for all athletes in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Core to our values is a future with equal representation of gender in all clubs and affiliations at all levels, starting with Australia. 
Our goal is to establish and empower female leaders, coaches, business owners and athletes within the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  


Australian Girls in Gi aims to foster and develop the involvement of women within sport and martial arts, most specifically, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; our focus is on supporting the retention of students within their individual teams, as well as creating development and leadership opportunities for females within the established BJJ community. 
We believe that female leadership roles and mentors are key to creating change. 


Australian Girls in Gi offers many streams and opportunities to be involved: from member, to management, to support.

While membership continues to be free, we continue to crowd source fund our community via events and merchandise sales. AGIG utilises all profit to continue to offer high quality events & services. All proceeds are reinvested directly into community via employment and sponsorship opportunities for women.
By attending our events & purchasing our merchandise you support AGIG to continue to provide this valuable service.

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By creating leadership, mentoring and remuneration opportunities (as well as events for female athletes to attend and develop within), Jess Fraser and AGIG work continually toward equal representation of genders at all levels of participation; including but not limited to:
Athletes (white belt through to black belt), competitors (nationally and internationally), coaches, administrators, business owners, managers, events producers, federation board members.


AGIG is an organisation offering community, networking, mentoring, advice, support, events, merchandise and content for and by female athletes. 

Involvement in AGIG as a member is available to all female identifying athletes who participate in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, MMA; not limited to Australian residents.

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Showing respect for each other & our community through transparent guidelines.



Head of Australian Girls In Gi

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