We are excited to roll out events again once border restrictions are lifted.



3 - 4 night training intensive held at purpose created venues with all accommodation and meals provided.
A full schedule of workshops, rolling, recovery sessions, yoga and seminars for all levels & abilities.
Elite level female coaches throughout.

The largest BJJ Camp in the Southern Hemisphere. The largest female only camp in the World.
Established in 2011, this is a rite of passage for many AGIG members.

This is the BJJ equivalent of a music festival: Social activities, training, recovery sessions, games, workshops and more.
Feature events that this camp has become famous for: The Loud Offensive Lycra Competition, the large group photo in great shapes and designs, The Annual AGIG Ball (themed), featuring more Australian athletes than we can list.
Accommodation & meals provided, campers stay onsite.
All levels. Ages 16+ Female Only.
Attendee capacity: 100-150 (depending on venue)
Staff: up to 25

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3 day in-house training course with the AGIG Dream Team.
Black belts Jess Fraser, Hope Douglass & Laura Mardon. Yoga with Tarah Rocha. Wrestling with Ari Burkhart.

Mini Camps are held onsite established gyms and offer 4x3 hour training sessions  focused on one concept throughout.  These Mini Camps allow for deep dive in to a specific theme. Daily yoga sessions promote recovery between sessions.
Attendees have access to learning from and rolling with elite coaches. Social events are optional. 
Held Nationally.
3 events per tour, 4 tours per year.

Current tour locations:
Canberra, Wollongong, Sydney, Brisbane, Tweed, Byron, Melbourne.
On our dream board:
Perth, Adelaide, Darwin, Townsville, Cairns, Hobart.



One day events boast optional Gi & No Gi for one low entry fee.
Ages 5 and above and all belt levels encouraged.
Guaranteed 4+ matches per division in round robin format.
Weight division created by weigh in on the day - grouped with the 4 other competitors closest to your weight = NO WEIGHT CUTS!
Adult women also have a 'no scales' optional division for those that would prefer not to weigh in.
No restrictions on gi and no gi colours.
Teeshirts & shorts allowed over lycra.



2 hours of rolling with attendees of all levels in a supportive, supervised, fun environment. 
Open mats are attended by AGIG black belts, mentors & coaches.
We encourage attendees to bring both gi & no gi to open mats.
Held nationally.

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2-4 hour seminars with our black belt coaches.
Though these events are mixed in attendance (age, gender, belt levels), our seminars offer the unique opportunity to showcase female leadership and excellence in female coaching. 
Held throughout Australia.