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AGIG is an organisation offering community, networking, mentoring, advice, support, events, merchandise and content for and by female athletes. To continue to offer this service, AGIG operates transparently as a business and acts to protect its assets, staff, members, network, data, intellectual property and interests accordingly.

Involvement in AGIG as a member is available to all female identifying athletes who participate in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, MMA; not limited to Australian residents.


-Members treat each other with respect and kindness at all times (online and in person).

-Members prioritise each other’s safety (both physical and emotional, online and in person) 

-Members lift each other up through inclusive community, are able to share information, and to offer support in a safe, female-focused, non-judgemental, non impeded manner.

-All members, of all levels and affiliations, will uphold a zero-tolerance stance in regard to rumour, politics, bullying, aggressive behaviour, intimidation and/or gossip of any kind (this includes in person and online interactions).

-Members must not ask for, or offer, medical advice of any kind. 

-AGIG may not be used to gather data or information for marketing or sales purposes (in person or online). Gathering data includes market research papers, surveys & questionnaires. 

-All online and in person coaching, mentoring and information offered is seen as the intellectual property of AGIG.

– Respect that all intellectual property (including access to our network) remains the property of Australian Girls in Gi and act accordingly.

Terms and conditions of continued involvement:

-Adhere to code of conduct. 

AGIG membership is free and deemed to be active for anyone (as described above) that actively involves themselves in our:
-Online forum  
-Online audience  
-Emailing list
-Customer of our store
as participant, contributor, contractor, coach, athlete, parents of, guardians of and representatives of.
Members are free to cease involvement at any time, without notice.

Male AGIG members are: included where directly involved in AGIG such as gym owners, black belts, coaches, family members, supporters and mentors. 


Including but not limited to


-Open Mats




As above plus:

– Act within the law at all times.

– Not participate in training or physical activity under the influence of any drug or alcohol. 

– Roll and drill as per outlined rules & expectations by management and coaches.

– Respect the spirit of fair play and non-violence.

– Contribute to a safe sporting environment and respectful culture which is accepting of individual differences; and to behave accordingly.

– Non harm: Conduct themselves so as to obtain and maintain their best possible physical condition and state of mental preparedness to perform to the best of their ability.

– Be honest concerning illness, injury and ability to train and participate.

– Observe and comply with all reasonable expectations of AGIG members at all times.

– Conduct themselves in a proper and sportsmanlike manner (including but not limited to, in relation to personal behaviour, ethical standards, language, manner and temper) 

– Respect that all intellectual property (including access to our network) remains the property of Australian Girls in Gi and act accordingly.

Terms and conditions of continued involvement:

-Adhere to code of conduct.


  • AGIG reserves the right to remove anyone from accessing:

  • AGIG online forums

  • AGIG social media accounts

  • AGIG emailing list

  • AGIG events

to anyone (member or non member) deemed to be behaving in a way that is detrimental to the organisation, business structure, events offered, directly detrimental to any individual AGIG member, or contrary to our code or conduct. This extends to all in person and online behaviours. 

-Does not represent a club or affiliation

-Does not offer or circulate medical advice of any kind

-Do not market events on behalf of others

-Will not use our membership database for spam or marketing any events other or products than our own (or that of our sponsors)

-Will not share your details, contact or otherwise, with any other party

-Will not share your data with any other party.

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