Where: TBC
When: Postponed due to lockdowns – see facebook updates
Coaches: Hope Douglass & Jess Fraser
Assistant Coach: Laura O’Brien
Yoga: Tarah Rocha
Theme: Boss Guard Concepts
Cost: $365+GST

What’s included:
3 days immersive training focused on one theme, coached by world class BJJ black belts.
Training level:
All belt levels.
Prior experience is assumed as this is not an introductory course to BJJ.
BJJ: All sessions will be coached in the gi (any colour). Rash guards are required under gis.
Yoga: A change of dry warm clothes for yoga will make it more comfortable but not essential. No yoga mat or previous experience required.
Age Limits:
Attendance Limits:
30 tickets max.

7:00pm Doors Open & check in
7:15pm Opening Speech, Welcome & Safety debrief – required attendance for all
7:30pm Training Hope, Jess & Laura
9:00pm BJJ informed Yoga with Tarah Rocha
9:30pm Doors close

8:30am Doors Open
9:00am Training Hope, Jess & Laura
10:30am BJJ informed Yoga with Tarah Rocha
11:00am Doors close

4:30pm Doors Open
5:00pm Training Hope, Jess & Laura
6:30pm BJJ informed Yoga with Tarah Rocha
7:00pm Doors close
8:00pm Dinner venue TBA at event (optional)

12:00pm Doors Open
12:30pm Training Hope, Jess & Laura
2:00pm Q&A
2:30pm Closing speeches, photos with coaches (optional)
3:00pm Doors close

Recommended area search for booking accommodation: TBC in camp facebook group

Nearest airport: Sydney

Facebook group for attendees: Join once you have registered as this group is a resource and forms part of your camp service. All general enquiries, further attendee relevant information and FAQ are addressed in the group.

Refund requests & cancellations: politely declined if requested <14 days prior to event. Change of ownership requests must be arranged via email & politely declined if within 7 days of the event.