The first annual AGIG Camp was held in August of 2011. The brain child of Jess Fraser, Camp #1 brought together almost 40 girls from around Australia, most of whom had never met. These humble beginnings, held in a basement in the CBD of Melbourne, formed some solid friendships and kickstarted the bond of the female culture for AGIG as we know it today.
4 of Australia’s top black belts (then blue & purple) trained together for the very first time at this event – they are: Maryanne Mullahy, Livia Gluchowska, Kate Wilson & Jess Fraser.
One year later saw the second AGIG Camp, also held in Melbourne, this time drawing women from all over the country and beyond. Camp #2 saw our first international visitors: Kirsty Mather (now a staple in the AGIG community) attended Camp for the first time, travelling all the way from New Zealand. The amazing Kortney Olsen also attended (from America) and was so inspired by our community of empowered females that she went on to create the influential GRRRL movement. Our second Camp introduced onsite accommodation with an all attendee Competition played out on Sunday to close off weekend. Eeek! (we’ve never done that at a Camp again! So scary!)

By our 3rd Camp we had grown to 80 attendees and AGIG ramped up proceedings by flying Sophia McDermott (Australia’s first female black belt) out all the way from Las Vegas to headline along with judo Olympian Maria Peklie. 

After many successful years of Camp held in Melbourne, we grew wings and flew to a true offsite campsite in Kyneton, Victoria. These events saw the first Campsite events of this kind to ever be held in Australia. The AGIG Camp now provides holiday style accommodation for attendees with full time training throughout the weekend, taking the stress out of travel and planning by providing all meals, cabin accommodation with ensuite, a recovery pool, canoeing, a training centre, dining hall and more.
Attendees for our largest event capped at 145, with 25 staff.

2018, our 8th Camp, saw us travel to the Hawkesbury for the first ever Camp in NSW.
Our 8th Camp also broke all boundaries as we had, for the first time ever in the World, OUR OWN ISLAND for the entire weekend as well as a chartered ferry to take us there!!!
150 attendees, 1 island, 1 shared passion: BJJ.
Absolutely perfect.

2019 astounded attendees and the world further as we outdid ourselves once again…bringing in Australia’s premier female UFC athletes and Atos’s World Championships, Heather Rafftery as well as 6 female black belts from all over Australia.
AGIG Camp 2020 sees our TENTH ANNUAL Camp and to celebrate we are sponsoring 10 female black belts to attend and train with our campers.
5 head coaches will be announced throughout the year.

AGIG Camps bring together women that have never met, to share their passion for BJJ. Bonds are formed and truly lasting friendships are made. Women that attend camp stay in the sport & keep coming back year after year to both Camp and their own training.
This experience, like no other available to adult females within our community, offers the chance to roll, drill & spar with only women, while meeting and making new friendships. The training is truly valuable, high quality and insightful. Both friendship and skills acquired at Camp are long lasting.
Attendees leave camp feeling inspired and excited about their year of training ahead.
We have a 70% return rate on Campers.

We are so excited to continue to go above and beyond past events, to draw on our rich history of experience and success and to offer you the event you truly deserve: world class and world changing.

Through the years…

Humble beginnings…2011