To create, inspire, encourage and support equality within the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Australian Girls in Gi; Empowering and enabling female athletes by providing peer support, sharing advice and guidance; creating opportunities, celebrating achievements, fostering leadership, technique, growth and development by providing a culture of inclusion, priority and respect.

Australian Girls in Gi strives for equal opportunity for all athletes in the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
The goal of this organisation is equal representation of both males and females in all clubs and affiliations internationally, starting with Australia.

Australian Girls in Gi (AGIG) was created in 2010 by black belt, Jess Fraser.
Through AGIG she aims to foster, develop and increase the involvement of women within the sport, most specifically the martial art, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; with a focus on retention of students within their individual teams, as well as creating opportunities for females within sport.

Australian Girls in Gi offers many opportunities to become a member and to support.
Membership continues to be free, with fees only required when attending our events, seminars & purchasing merchandise.
By structuring our business in this way, AGIG continues to be accessible to ALL ladies regardless of their financial situation. We are an inclusive organisation.
AGIG utilises all monies collected to continue to offer high quality events & services. All proceeds are reinvested directly into community via employing female coaches, merchandise producers and staff. By attending our events & purchasing our merchandise you support your community and AGIG generally to continue to provide this valuable service to the community.

By creating leadership, mentoring and remuneration opportunities as well as events for female athletes to attend and develop within, Jess Fraser and AGIG work continually toward equal representation of genders at all levels of participation; including but not limited to:
Athletes (white belt through to black belt), competitors (nationally and internationally), coaches, administrators, business owners, managers, events producers, federation board members.