Minors/Teens/Tween Attendees – female minors are welcomed to attend but MUST be accompanied either by an attendee or non training guardian. Minors are to be supervised by guardians at all times while onsite and throughout our event.
Minimum age is of minors is 10. Minors onsite are invited only as attendees, not audience.
No baby sitting services are available (ie. no drop offs).

Guardians of minors (Non training) –  We are pleased to be able to offer guardians a non-training priced ticket enabling them to attend as supervision for their children. Guardians must be female and be willing to stay onsite with minors. Guardians can accompany up to 4 minors. Guardians are to ensure the safety of (and monitor behaviour) of minors at all times and assume full responsibility for all of their accompanying minors. Event organisers will seek to communicate through guardians regarding information for attendees under the age of 16 (rather than directly with the minors). Children onsite must participate in group training exercises or seek to find activities with their guardian off site during scheduled training times. No minors are to be in dorm rooms, surrounding groups or facilities unaccompanied at any time.


Any attendee choosing to leave the venue at any times does so with the understanding they are no longer under the care of the event.