DATE: Sunday May 5th 2019 VENUE: Galeb Brothers BJJ Southside
  • Female only competition
  • Gi & No Gi (optional) for all ages
  • All welcomed audience (friends, family, coaches and team mates encouraged)
  • All ages from 5+ welcomed
  • All gyms and affiliations welcomed

REGISTRATION CLOSES: 9pm Friday prior to Sunday event.
SPECTATORS: $10 cash at gate, $20 per family.
DIVISIONS: Gi Round Robin No Gi Round Robin Both optional during online registration.
RULES: Match rules & guidelines as per IBJJF handbook
EVENT SCHEDULE: 9:00am     Doors open/Arrivals 9:00am     Gi & No Gi weigh ins commence/arrivals 9:30am     Weigh ins for No Gi close 10:00am   Information Session speeches, mat allocations. 10:00am   No Gi matches commence 11:00am   Gi weigh ins close TBA:         Gi matches commence at completion of ALL No Gi matches* Medal presentations at completion of all matches* *We cannot release exact times as all are dependant on entries. We will endeavor to run the competition as quickly as possible and keep you informed throughout. Most finish early afternoon at the latest.


ENTRY FEES: Entry includes both GI & NO GI divisions for adults, masters, teens and children. Participation in one or both is OPTIONAL during online registration.
COMPETITION FORMAT: Our tournament is a ROUND ROBIN format. This means competitors continue to have matches regardless of match out come. Adults, masters & teens are grouped with 4* other athletes closest to their size & in their relevant belt. They will have a match with each of the other women in their group, regardless of wins or losses. Children are matched with 3* other athletes and are matched first by size and then by belt where possible. Round robin applies to both adults and children. *Max matches possible, dependant on entries.
MATCH DURATION: Adult matches are all 6 minutes Junior matches are all 4 minutes. Winner of each match is decided by IBJJF standard rules as follows. Points are awarded during the match fas per the IBJJF rules. No advantages are awarded. No penalties are awarded.
POINT STRUCTURE (DETERMINES MATCH OUTCOME): 4 points – back control with hooks 4 points – mount 3 points – establishing a controlled position after passing a guard 2 points – sweep 2 points – takedown/throw
HOW TO WIN THE DIVISION = WIN/LOSS/DRAW TALLY During the ROUND ROBIN, the athlete with a match tally overall closest to 12 is deemed the winner. Tally is calculated as per below: WIN MATCH BY SUBMISSION = 3 WIN MATCH BY POINTS = 2 MATCH IS DRAW = 1 LOSS = 0
WEIGH IN: Each competitor is grouped to those closest to their weight (checked upon arrival). This means you are not adhering to pre set weight division.Your division is the group of athletes most weight appropriate for you that have also registered for your belt & age group.
BELT/AGE CATEGORIES: Adult will be separated into white, blue and purple plus. Juniors will be grouped according to weight only. All belts together.
BRACKETS: Created based on your weight upon arrival. We have noted your aproximate weight durnig registration for admin purposes only. Weigh in on arrival determines your division on the day.
BRACKETS RELEASED: Once created, after your arrival & weigh in, prior to commencement of matches. Not available prior to Sunday.
Further queries should be forwarded to our tournament director, Hope Douglass at: