Australian Girls in Gi offers 3 styles of immersive training experiences:

The Camp:
This camp is held during (Australian) Summer each year. Featured in late January or early February, this world famous event was established in 2010 and is often referred to as ‘The AGIG Camp’ or ‘Camp’.
3 days of training, accommodation and meals provided. The largest BJJ Camp in the Southern Hemisphere. The largest female only camp in the World. Established in 2011, this is a rite of passage for many AGIG members.
This is the BJJ equivalent of a music festival: Social activities, training, recovery sessions, games, workshops and more.
Feature events that this camp has become famous for: The Loud Offensive Lycra Competition, the large group photo in great shapes and designs, The Annual AGIG Ball (themed), more black belts than we can list!
Accommodation & meals provided, campers stay onsite.
All levels. Ages 16+ Female Only.
Attendee capacity: 135
Staff: 17

The Weekenders:
Perth, Melbourne & Brisbane. These weekend immersive ‘Weekenders’ are slightly smaller than our flagship Camp and are focused on technical progression, beginner to advanced. Weekenders are open to all ages and affiliations. Experience not necessary. Activities include seminars, workshops & recovery sessions. Weekenders feature on our calendar in Autumn, Winter & Spring.
Melbourne events: Optional Accommodation & meals provided, campers may stay onsite or offsite.
Perth & Brisbane: Training only, no meals or accommodation supplied.
All levels. All ages (accompanied minors). Female Only.
Attendee capacity: 30 (Perth), 60 (Melbourne) & 50 (Brisbane)
Staff: 5

The Retreats:
Boutique accomodation, immersive training, personalised attention, advice and feedback.
The AGIG retreats are limited to 12-20 attendees (depending on the event). Retreats provide luxury accomodation close to desirable travel destinations such as Byron Bay, Bali, Hawaii.
Onsite & offsite training provided with elite coaches.
General: All levels. Adults only.
Intermediate: Blue+. Adults only.
Advanced: Purple+. Adults only.
Attendee capacity:12-20 (depending on the event)
Staff: 3