Next Camp: February 2018

The Camp:
This camp is held during (Australian) Summer each year. Featured in late January or early February, this world famous event is often referred to as ‘The AGIG Camp’ or ‘Camp’.
3 days of training, accommodation and meals provided. The largest BJJ Camp in the Southern Hemisphere. The largest female only camp in the World. Established in 2011, this is a rite of passage for many AGIG members.
This is the BJJ equivalent of a music festival: Social activities, training, recovery sessions, games, workshops and more.
Feature events that this camp has become famous for: The Loud Offensive Lycra Competition, the large group photo in great shapes and designs, The Annual AGIG Ball (themed), more black belts than we can list!
Accommodation & meals provided, campers stay onsite.
All levels. Ages 16+ Female Only.
Attendee capacity: 100
Staff: 15