Items are on display for you to try on prior to the store opening. 
All sizes and styles are on display – if its not on a hanger, it doesn’t exist. 
Try everything on and write down your shopping list. 
Return the display items to the display – we don’t sell you the display items.

-Cash only.
-Camp store sales open Saturday after lunch.
-First come, first served.
-No lay aways.
-No held items.
-All sizes are limited and the smallest and largest sizes are very popular.
-AGIG patches available.
-All new and past store items available at Camp 2020.

Please note:

Helina will be running the store throughout camp – treat her kindly, she’s doing her best to accommodate ALL of us.
The store is CLOSED during coaching seminars/scheduled coaching so as to not distract the group.
If sizes run out – Helina can’t do anything about it in the moment, please leave your wish list with Helina and we will attempt to restock with your request in mind – likely April at earliest.