When is it?
January 24th – 27th, 2020

Where is it?
AGIG Beach is Broken Bay in NSW and is our own private beach.
Accessible only by AGIG water. We have chartered a ferry to accomodate.

What is the minimum age requirement?
14+ Female only. Minors must be accompanied by ticket holding guardian.
The event is adult focused and most suitable for adult attendees.

Who are the Coaches?
5 Head Coaches to be announced including…
-Founder of Australian Girls in Gi, Jess Fraser
-Yoga Instructor Tarah Rocha
…3 more surprises to come!

Special guests:
10 confirmed female black belts in attendance.

Do I have to be good at jiu jitsu?
No. This is open to all those interested in grappling regardless of experience. If you’re new to BJJ, it is okay, you’ll learn loads and work to your ability. This Camp is for all levels.

I am a white belt/blue belt, will this Camp be suitable for me?
Yes. We have ladies of all belt levels attending. All sessions will include content to encourage and support less experienced grapplers.

I am advanced, will this Camp be suitable for me?
Yes. We have black, brown and purple belts 
attending. All sessions will include content to challenge more experienced grapplers.

Can I drive to the beach?
No. BUT….you can drive to Hawkesbury River Station, park and then and board the ferry from there. The ferry leaves only once, it is not on a regular schedule & no public boats go to the beach.
Ensure you are on our chartered ferry leaving Friday afternoon or you will need to arrange a water taxi.

What do I bring?
Gis, general comfort items, bedding – linen is provided in your ticket.
Includes: 1x Sheet, 1x Pillow, 1x Pillow Case, 1x Blanket, 1x Towel (to utilise throughout the weekend).
Please note, It will be very hot in January. Pack accordingly. Here’s a suggested PACKING LIST.

Can I wash my gis?
Yes. There are industrial sized washing machines onsite for you to DIY if needed. Please be aware there are 100+ women staying onsite so try to co-ordinate with others to share the load (pun intended).

Can I hire linen so I don’t have to pack it?
We have included this in your ticket purchase.

Will there be food provided?
Yes. All main meals provided.
Friday – Dinner
Saturday – B’fast, lunch, dinner
Sunday – B’fast, lunch, dinner
Monday – B’fast, lunch

What about snacks & coffee?
Best to pack extras.

Is it BYO or will there be drinks available for purchase?
There is no alcohol for purchase. Water in taps fine to drink. Refreshments served with meals. Fridges for you to utilise if you would like to BYO.

What about emergencies?
The venue has emergency procedures in place for getting back to the mainland that includes a speed boat. Via speedboat mainland is only 5mins travel.

Do I have to book a cabin?
Once you have registered please follow the links above to allocate your own bed/dorm. We do not do this for you, you’ll need to select your own bed.

The return ferry is chartered by AGIG and costs $47 per person (this is included in your ticket price).
Chartered means we have hired the ferry for our own use. No other ferries are available to the beach as it is a secluded and private area booked specifically for us. There are no public transport options to and from the beach. Ensure you are on the ferry from Hawkesbury River Station on Friday afternoon.

What happens if I miss the ferry?
Don’t miss the ferry.
There is no public transport to or from the beach. In emergency situations contact the WATER TAXI.

How much do we train?
Think of the schedule like a menu. You can pick and choose which sessions you would like to attend. No sessions are compulsory. Train as much or as little as you like. Train like crazy or have a relaxing training holiday, entirely up to you.

Can I leave the beach at all?
Of course! But please understand all responsibility for you is your own once you leave the venue. Water taxis can be organised over the phone and online. Taxi’s are not included in your ticket price. You must let staff know if you plan to leave the event early.

Can I bring my kids?
No. Due to insurance requirements and restrictions.

Can I come for just 1 day?

Is there a kitchen and fridge I can store my stuff in?

Is there a BBQ if I want to do my own thing?

I don’t know anyone.
No worries, this is a wonderful group of people. We organise events so meeting people is easier and not weird. Most people coming don’t know anyone either.
Using the Camp Attendees 2020 facebook group will help put you at ease.
Definitely post in there any fears or anxieties you are having – you’ll be AMAZED at the support and advice that you’ll receive (kinda sets the tone of how great this group is).

I don’t actually like big groups of people.
Don’t worry, there’s heaps of space on the beach and camp grounds to make sure you don’t feel overwhelmed.

I want more privacy.
No problems, we welcome you to BYO tent and pitch on the grounds wherever you wish. You may want to make a tent city with your team. You can utilise the mattresses from the cabins & access any ensuite you so wish. Camping would be a fun option & an easy way to ensure you have some ‘me’ space.

What is the bathroom situation?
There are ensures attached to each dorm. Each ensuite is 4 showers and 3 toilets. Bathrooms are also in each public space – dining hall, training hall reception, pool etc if you require more privacy.  Most rooms are unoccupied during training times so sneaky solo missions are always an option. No male attendees so we have access to all bathrooms.
There is also a beach at the front of the campsite.

Is there AGIG merch onsite for sale?
Yes. Cash only.

Cash or card for purchases?
Cash only. No EFTPOS available. Prices will be made available prior to arrival.

No wifi supplied. Service is not currently available on the beach unless you are with Telstra, and it is still patchy.
Data coverage then?

Data coverage is possible if you walk to the headland (Aprox. 2km road through the bush). Otherwise, expect to be unplugged throughout.

What if I have more questions?
All attendees should add themselves to the attendees Facebook group once registered. The link is in your confirmation email & above.
This group creates part of the service that AGIG provides.
Attendees will have access to ask event organizers questions freely.
The facebook group is the best place for queries and interactions with organisers.

Can’t find your way to the the facebook group?
Contact us here to be added.