Australian Girls in Gi (AGIG) is an Australia-wide COMMUNITY GROUP for ALL female grapplers, inclusive and welcoming of:
All skill & experience levels
All ages
All gyms
All affiliations
All grappling styles.

Membership is free & all inclusive.

What we offer:
-Inclusion to the largest female focused grappling group in the world.
-Events (Camps, competitions, seminars, one on one training, social gatherings and more)
-Online discussions (closed group Facebook forum with 1200+ active female members).
-Strength in numbers.
-Member merchandise.

In short, AGIG is Aussie women that like to wrestle & train. And all things jiu jitsu related.
No bullshit, no politics, no borders. Just grappling and the girls that love it.
If we’re getting serious, we tell people that AGIG proactively increases the number of females participating in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at both club and competition levels throughout the nation. We do this by directly and positively affecting female student & member retention within clubs throughout Australia. Retention is our key focus. We want YOU to stay in the sport and we want to provide a community that encourages you to do so.

Because of this, AGIG is a proud female focused community that supports the involvement and development of female athletes, hobbyists and professionals.  AGIG is known for creating events & opportunities for female athletes & coaches, for sharing skills, information and experience via online forums and regular world class and record breaking events held throughout Australia.
This is all made possible through the continued passionate work of black belt, Jess Fraser.
She created AGIG in 2010 and has made this community her life’s work.

Our membership base now exceeds 1100+ active females and is growing every day.
Want to become a member? Send through a request to:




Australian Girls In  Gi ~ Bringing like minded females together from all over the country for events, competitions, information sharing, support & training since 2010; this group is politically neutral and not for political gain.
Australian Girls in Gi is a unique sporting community passionately brought together through the continued efforts of Melbourne based Jess Fraser.




If you have an event, product, idea or insight that you feel would be of interest to our girls, please feel free to contact. We happily advertise and circulate relevant information free of charge via this site and our facebook group directly to the women of Australian grappling.